Your Biggest Relationship Mistake, by Zodiac Sign

Kyle Thomas

Mar 2, 2022

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.

Let's be real: None of us are perfect, but we sure as hell like to *think* we are (looking at you, Virgo). We all make mistakes in relationships, and sometimes those mistakes even teach us valuable life lessons. But sometimes we get caught in toxic relationship patterns that we don't even notice. The only way to break out of these molds is to face the truth so you can outgrow them once and for all. Here is each zodiac sign’s biggest relationship mistake. Prepare for a reality check.


You’re a powerhouse, Aries, and you have no problem thriving independently. But this fierce autonomy can sometimes be your Achilles heel. You thrive as a leader, which is great...but sometimes in your relationships, you end up treating your boo like a follower. Remember, a healthy connection is not about one person dominating the conversation and expecting your partner to always be your biggest fan. Treating your partner like Siri, always there to answer your every need, will end up pushing them away. Don’t take them for granted. Do your best to lift them up in the ways they want, too.


Everyone’s heard about Tauruses being being stubborn AF. But people don't always realize that your resistance to change also extends to your emotions. Tauruses are steady. They crave peace and harmony. Drama just stresses you out!!! But when you’re not facing your authentic thoughts and feelings, your partner may end up blindsided when you inevitably bottle them up to the point that they explode and you throw a tantrum. While you may initially think that you’re just grounding and centering yourself when you ignore relationship issues, that’s not the case—you’re actually just avoiding a tough but necessary convo. Keeping everything inside will end up causing you to resent your partner and pull your relationship apart. So open up! You can do it.


Ever heard of a Gemini running away rather than facing their feelings? Never! (That was total sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.) In fact, Geminis are notorious for doing exactly this repeatedly, but never looking back for a second to notice it. While you like relationships when they’re all fun and games—and sure, throw in a little bit of drama—as soon as you hit any “growing pains,” you end up just throwing in the towel. It’s not that you’re a lazy lover or afraid of commitment (with the right person), but you tend to look at a disagreement as the end of a relationship, rather than an opportunity for compromise and growth. Don’t run, Gemini. Some of the most rewarding relationships require hard work.