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(All Inclusive)

This package includes: The design and development of your website, web app or mobile app + Hosting with management for the first year.


(The Basics)

This package includes: The development of your website, web app or mobile app + Design consulting and hosting management.

Hosting can be added as an annual subscritpion.


(Individual Options)

  • - Responsive Website/Web App Development

  • - Progressive Web App Development

  • - Web/Mobile Design (UI/UX)

  • - Cross-platform Mobile App Development

  • - API Development

  • - Web3/Smart Contract Development

  • - Code Refactoring

    We'll reconstruct existing code to improve functionality while eliminating programming redundancies, streamline performance, and improve API implementations

  • - Web Application Maintenance

    Our web application maintenance services include testing and debugging, updating site information, database maintenance, and real-time monitoring and analysis, all within strict adherence to Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines.

  • - DNS + Hosting management

    Hosting management means we'll setup your DNS settings and get your project on a hosting service of your choosing.

  • - Hosting

    We'll host and manage the project so you don't have to sort through hosting providers. This can added as a monthly or annually plan.

  • - Email Design & Development